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For all its joys and unexpected pleasures, photography can be a frustrating and even lonely pastime. There's no disappointment greater than thinking you've captured the perfect shot, and finding that the lighting, shutter speed, or ISO setting wasn't right for the moment. My blog is a resource for beginners and hobbyists to learn the secrets behind professional photography. I share my failures and hard-won learnings so you become a master, faster.

There are three components to any great photograph: composition, light, and timing. I believe that it doesn't matter where you are, there's always a powerful image if you're prepared to look for it. My gallery showcases a small number of carefully curated photos, starting with my hometown and progressing to spectacular vistas of Alaska and Wyoming. Near or far, the trick to great photography isn't what you see, but how you see it. 

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For regular updates, access to special offers, and seasonal discounts, join my global community of photography enthusiasts. 

If you enjoy my photography, you can purchase - for your home or as a gift - a limited-edition print from one of five series. Each series represents a different genre from my travels. From beaches to mountains, skyscrapers to streets, I am proud to share my passion for photography as an art form.

NYC fire escape photo

Powerful pictures with a personal perspective.

Precision matters. We use only high-resolution equipment and optically sharp lenses. 

We edit our photos and make prints using advanced techniques.

Our blogs and reviews reflect Felix's unique point of view.

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"Emotion drives my photographic style."

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