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A selection of Felix's favorite travel images.

NYC skyscraper travel photo

New York City, NY

Stormy Alaska.jpg

Kachemak Bay, Alaska

Flowing stream long exposure travel photo

Catskill Mountains, NY

NYC upper west side travel photography selective color

New York City, NY

Pfeiffer beach big sure travel photography

Big Sur, CA

IMG_2400 (M2).jpg

Yellowstone National Park, WY

Big Sur, CA

A sunset at Pfeiffer beach was a serene end to a West Coast adventure. 

Catskills, NY

The Catskills are the source of New York City's water supply. Here, I capture the flow of this precious resource. 

Kachemak Bay, AK

Ironically, the key to capturing the scale of Alaska is to focus on tiny details. Here, I use the vibrant plants of the Alaskan rainforest in the foreground to reveal the vast expanse that is Kachemak Bay under a dark summer sky. 

Upper West Side, NYC

You can still find the drama and grit of old New York down any side street or alleyway. 

Yellowstone, WY

Under the right light, even a snow scene can be colorful. Here, the ice of Yellowstone creates a pleasing grey-blue backdrop to the red-orange of Buffalo Ranch.

Midtown, NYC

The contrast between old and new, classical and post-modern, define New York City's skyline. 

Pandemic street photos:

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