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Top 6 NYC Photography Locations

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

6 NYC photography locations:

The Oculus

A gleaming white pair of wings gracefully curve together to form the Oculus, a ultra-modern subway station that rests at the foot of the World Trade Center. There are countless photo opportunities here - from architectural details to street scenes.

Bow Bridge NYC photo

Bow Bridge

This iconic slice of New York scenery, built between 1859 and 1862, presents near-infinite imaging opportunities - go for a classic view at the base of the bridge, explore the Ramble to find a new viewpoint, or take images from the bridge itself.

5th Avenue

A classic street photography location, 5th Avenue is teeming with smokestacks, yellow cabs, and food stands - a tourist's paradise.

Grand Central Station and Chrysler building photo

The Chrysler Building

The gleaming silver crown of the Chrysler Building - a classic NYC photo location. Once you find the perfect composition, try experimenting with your settings for better results.

The Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of New York's foremost photography locations. Walk the bridge to capture its iconic latticework of cables or take a longer lens and photograph the streets below.

The Reservoir NYC